I am Flavia, Brazilian, living in the US, and making your special day eternal!
Please feel free to explore this space I did for you. Photographs are the utter outcome of a moment. Nothing else can immortalize a second like a photograph.
My job is to make them so expressive, so intrinsic that you will be able to remember the laughs, the tears of joy, the smell of the trees, and the songs played in that particular moment.
My job is to make you enjoy the moment at its fullest. To keep you busy with your guests, with your family, with yourself, without the weight of wondering if you should take a snapshot of that moment. Let me be your guide to your own moment.
Photography is more than a point-and-shoot process. It requires sensibility, patience, understanding, and, above all, respect to the client and to the moment. From this process, a unique relationship is built, as the trust and the truth of both characters are shown.
Welcome to my work, please, make yourself home, and let me know how I can help you to immortalize your special moment.
Ah, just a detail, I speak Portuguese, English and Spanish! Yeah, the trifecta.
Love, Flavia 
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